Last night Sean walked in the door from work, as per our usual the kids were all overly excited to see him. Evie ran up and wrapped her arms around his leg while her red sparkled princess dress left evidence of her hug all over his work pants. Millie, still strategically trapped in the trampoline, yelled “da da, da da, da da,” and Livie started jumping a little higher in her jumper and smiled ear to ear at the sight of him. The house was destroyed, toys everywhere. Countless ball pit balls were everywhere except the pit. Only one of the kids had a full outfit on, and it was a crazy costume princess dress. And then there was me, I hadn’t showered, hadn’t changed out of my clothes from yesterday, my hair was still in the same ponytail from when I went to bed last night. Which meant that now it was more a half ponytail. I have this fun new adult acne hormone issue going on, so my face resembles my thirteen year old self. I was trying everything I could to keep the children alive, and make dinner, all while maintaining my sanity after hearing baby shark for the 100th time today.
Anyone sane would have looked in the door and ran the other way. But Sean, he walked in, and with Evie still on his leg, kissed me and said “hi beautiful momma, how are you?”
After our gourmet mac and cheese, Sean took Evie to a story time event at our local library. I climbed into our bed with Millie and Livie and enjoyed some baby snuggles before tucking them into bed. The little ones kept me so distracted that I hadn’t noticed the time until it was nearly 8:30. I went to text Sean to make sure they were alright when I noticed his phone on the counter. He tends to forget it in random places, or more often just leaves it in random places on purpose.
Worry immediately washed over me. He should be home by now. It’s snowing, the roads could be bad. What If something happened? I called the library to confirm what time the event let out, and asked if there was a little red princess still hanging around. They said that the last family left around 7:15. All that did was further worry me, and now worry a bunch of librarians. I called our police station next to ask if their had been any accidents in the area. Nothing had been reported. We live 5 minutes away, where could he be? I did my best to distract myself, now a little less worried knowing there had been no accidents.
Minutes later the van pulled in the driveway. I watched from the window as my husband struggled to get our minivan up our very steep, snow covered driveway. As I watched from the window, I called to let the librarians know that princess was home safe.
Two of the happiest souls burst through the door. Evie made no sense at all as she rambled about her adventures with daddy, flinging her crafts all around. Sean just smiled and apologized for forgetting his phone. After much negotiation we settled Evie down and got her into bed.

“I had so much fun with her, I’m sorry I know I probably worried you but we went on a date after.”
Psh! He has no idea how much he worried me!
“We were dropping off the Redbox and she asked for chicken, French fries, and ranch.”
Meaning she saw those beautiful golden arches and wanted McDonalds.
“She said she missed me.”

Sean will joke that I let Evie manipulate me all the time, and while that is probably 100% accurate, I will always take the opportunity to spend one on one time with her.
“Right as I was about to say no, it’s time for bed, I stopped and thought… if it were Julie in this situation, she would stop.” So he stopped.
“I’ve never done that with her,” he said through his smile. “We had so much fun, just the two of us. She was being so cute all night. I was spending time with Evie and eating our food thinking about how I have you and Mills and Liv to come home to. I just feel so lucky.” He continued on about the rest of his time with Evie.

But all I could think in that moment was..the lucky one is me.

#athomewithjulie #coffeeconfessions #momof3

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