This is my vessel, within it I have carried three beautiful baby girls. Each pregnancy came with its own challenges, including shots of Lovenox twice a day into my stomach for the entire duration of the pregnancy. Prior to children I had always been skinny. I’ve been blessed with a kick ass metabolism and eat whatever I want. If I ever felt like I was gaining, I could stop eating badly for a weekand lose weight. I am very fortunate for this, and I know one day I will probably change and I will have to eat like a normal human to maintain a healthy weight.
Having children changed my body and soul in so many ways. I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but struggle with confidence because of my stretch marks, bruising, loose skin, and this new belly button that I think looks like a constant frown. I didn’t get stretch marks until big ol’ 9lb Livie came along… she’s lucky she is so cute. I’m learning to love this new me in a more appreciative way. This body gave me three people that I love more than anything. This body brought my husband and I closer and closer over the years. This body labored and withstood three unmedicated births. This body.. is amazing. I may not love the way this body looks, but I respect the hell out of it. #athomewithjulie#coffeeconfessions #momof3 #postpartumbody#7monthspostpartum

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