My dad called me this afternoon about the post I made this morning. He was concerned that I was having confidence issues. I tried to explain that while I don’t run the streets naked screaming look at my hot bod, I do still love my body. No, I will never look the way I did five years ago, but most people don’t. As we age, we change. I will continue to age, continue to change, possibly even have more children. Once I was able to convince dad that the post was meant to be positive, he had something really beautiful to say.
“That photo of your belly…you know, I used to blow raspberries on it. Grampy used to tickle it. It’s all full circle. Just look at Evie’s belly.”
My dad is not a man of many words, and he may not have known exactly how to say what he was trying to, but the message was clear. He was right, and it is the kind of wisdom you gain as you age. (Sorry dad, yes I just called you old)
I hung up the phone and looked down at the baby lying in my lap. Millie, my sweet Millie looked up at me with those big bright blue eyes , her nose scrunched and her little baby tongue pressed up against those big front teeth; her whole face smiling up at me. I rubbed her belly and thought more about what my dad had just said. One day, I will be crazy grandma, and Millie could have babies of her own.
Having confidence in ourselves, and our bodies in today’s world is proving harder and harder to achieve. My part in all of this is to go on loving my body, and loving them. Showing them that each of us are unique, and uniquely beautiful in our own way. When it’s all said and done and we look back on our life, the only thing we are going to remember is being a child and having our family tickle our belly. We will remember laying our heads down on our partners stomach and looking up at the stars. We will remember our partner lovingly singing to our bellys while pregnant. We will remember rubbing lotion on the belly of our child and grandchild…

I blew a couple raspberries on her belly and we laughed together in that moment with no worries about our bellies.

Thank you dad

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