There is this whole other part of me that everyone in my current life doesn’t know. She is an old friend with whom I have drifted apart from. Sometimes I miss her. I feel sad that she is gone, even envious of her life at times. Other days, I’m so happy that we’ve grown apart. She was a danger to the life that I have now. She was careless and reckless. She was adventurous, but also dangerous. Our paths in life intersect only in memories found in short stories I tell to my husband and pictures I stumble across in old albums. The only thing her and I have in common is a desire to change the world for the better. She has grand notions of helping people all over the world. She travels, she studies history and politics and she has plans. I am changing the world from the bottom up.One day I plan to visit her in all the cities she resides. I’d like to take my girls to Geneva, Switzerland and walk the streets with my old friend. Show them my old office, and where I’d planned to return. Introduce them to the wonderful people my friend knows. Show them how people work tirelessly every day to make everyone else’s lives just a little bit better. I’d like to lie in the grass with my girls and look up at the colosseum in Rome, watch the magic of the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, walk the path in Parc Guell in Barcelona. Yes, one day we will visit my old friend.

Life is an extraordinary thing you know, it changes so quickly. She and I were so close, and yet so easily torn apart. It seems crazy that two pink lines can change everything about a person. It can change your goals, your desires, all of your plans. I am not angry that she had to go her separate way while I had to go mine. Her adventure continues, while mine have changed. The adventure I’m on now is new to me. I did not spend years studying and planning for it. So I guess in a way, like my old friend, I am still living dangerously. I’ve fallen madly in love with my new adventure, and I plan to change the world starting with my family… one little girl at a time. #athomewithjulie #coffeeconfessions #raisingfutureleaders #kindness

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