In my line of work, I am fortunate to get to be a small part of the lives of some beautiful families. I’ve worked for several years with a truly amazing family; a husband, wife, and their three boys. I started working for this family when Evie was just a baby, and their middle child was only a few months old. I watched their home change as their family grew. The love that filled this home greeted me at the door on Saturday mornings. Warm hellos, excited stories from the boys, and a whole lot of snorting and kisses from the family dog, Hector. Much like the goodness inside each member of this family, Hector was purely a good dog. He always joined Dad on trips outside, leaving tiny paw prints all over the floors I was there to clean. He followed at my feet as I brushed crumbs from breakfast onto the kitchen floor. It was always a struggle to get them into my dust pan before he got them into his belly. I had to scrub a little harder at the base off the sliding glass door to get the mixture of nose prints and hand prints to come clean. We danced a silly tango throughout the kitchen as I tried to vacuum. It was as if he could read my mind. He would inevitably go wherever I had planned to go next to rest his tiny body.
This past Saturday, I arrived at the house stressed, feeling frustrated with the amount of work I had ahead of me that day. I packed my supplies up and got them situated to get in and get the job done so that I could get to the next house as quickly as possible. I opened the door and let myself in. Dad walked towards the door as I laid all of the supplies I juggled to carry on the floor and kicked off my shoes. He looked sad, but gave me a half smile and asked how I was doing. No snorts, and no kisses greeted me that morning as Dad confessed Hector had passed away just that morning.
It no longer mattered how busy my day was. I don’t claim to feel the same sadness that this family does for this loss. I will miss my silly games with Hector, but my heart aches for the sadness of this family. Like everything else I’ve witnessed with them, they handled this loss with such grace. Mom and Dad talked to the boys as Hectors health declined, preparing them for what would happen. These conversations are so difficult to have, and usually people fear them. I’ve always admired how honest, and real these two people are; not just with each other but with their children. Rather than deny what was happening and leave the children with unanswered questions, they prepared them. Much like I know they will prepare them for all the other difficulties they will face as they grow. The boys felt they could ask questions, and talk about Hector and death.
I’ve learned a lot from this family. A lot that I will take home with me, just as I have taken home the memories I have with Hector. Their family will be different now, without Hector, but I know that home will still be full of so much love and laughter (and possibly a huge fish tank if Dad and the boys get there way… 🐟). Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your family. Sending you all a lot of love as your hearts heal.
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