Everyone always says how much they hate Mondays. I happen to love them. Monday comes just in time each week to save my husband from an untimely death. He returns to work, I return to a structured home. I get to start a new week every Monday. I get to plan, I get to organize, I get to schedule what we do and when we are going to do it.

On Monday’s the kids are in a good mood because I am still in a good mood. I have energy. I’m rested. I’m excited to take them somewhere fun. On Monday’s we all get dressed. We all eat a good breakfast and play until Evie’s dance class at 10:00. Yesterday, we all sang songs in the car on the way to class. We all walked into the Y hand in hand. After an awesome 45 minutes where I sat in one chair and watched Evie’s entire class while her sisters were downstairs happily playing in the child watch room, we all left the Y with no tears. The sun was shining and Evie asked if we could go to the zoo. It was Monday, so I said yes! Why not take advantage of the nicer weather?

We walked every sq in of the Akron zoo, and not a single tear was shed. Not a single tantrum. Not even one kid did something dangerous. Oh Monday’s how I love you.

Now it is Tuesday. All of the plans I made yesterday will be forgotten. All of my organization will turn to chaos. Our schedule will become overwhelming and exhausting. It sets in now that I have to make it through the rest of the marathon that is my week week, then the sprint of a weekend we no doubtedly have planned. One day, Monday will return in all its glory. Monday’s are the people throughout the race who hand you water. For that brief moment you rehydrate and feel alright. Then Tuesday gives you that cramp in the side of your ribcage. See Tuesday, she’s a real bitch. She isn’t the start of the week, or the end, shes not even the middle like good ol’ hump day Wednesday. Tuesday has no purpose, other than to remind me that all the confidence and excitement I had the previous day was simply foolish. There will be tears, there will be screams… there will be blood.

Stay strong out there momma’s.

Song of the day: Currently listening to this in my headphones while I fold the ten loads of laundry I washed yesterday. Wrinkles are totally in this season.

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Coffee mug was purchased via Etsy at the shop called OhHelloSgarGifts


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