Today I want to leave you all with a very small piece of advice, that has made a huge impact on my life. Forgive.

You don’t have to forgive and forget, but forgive and allow yourself to let go of the weight that you carry around with you when you choose to be angry. I’ve spent most of my life carrying the very heavy burden of anger. There was always this image in my head of what a family should look like. My family was always so far away from that image. I became so obsessed with what should be that I was blind to see the beauty of what the real picture looked like.

Until recently, I would decide not to enjoy a night with my family weeks before I even had to see them. I’ve been working really hard to let go, forgive, and enjoy the family I do have. It’s not easy, and every day I have to remind myself to choose forgiveness and peace.

Watching my family dance in my sisters kitchen last night for our Easter get together was the first time in a long time that I saw how my forgiveness allowed our family to heal and grow. Let go of the expectations of what your family should look like, forgive the members of your family who have hurt you, and enjoy who they are today.  Just turn the music up, and let yourself laugh in your sister’s kitchen.

Song of the day:

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