Like most kids at her age, Evie has become obsessed with hide-and-seek. She is horrible. A horrible hider, and a horrible seeker. The second you yell, “ready or not here I come,” she yells “I’m behind the chair,” followed by a lot of giggles. 

She absolutely loves it. I love the fact that I’m a 2017 mom and I can sit on my phone while I hide in the tiny cupboard for 45 minutes. 

See the one thing I know I’m doing right in this whole child-rearing experiment, is that I give it my all. I throw myself into mothering these girls every day. When they want to play hide-and-seek I crawl my ass into that tiny cupboard. When they get bored and cranky running errands, we skip and sing to make the grocery store fun. When they want to go to that gross indoor playground, we all go climb on that gross indoor playground. 

While I hide in this tiny space for what feels like hours, waiting for my four-year-old to find me I can play on Facebook. While my girls all nap and Liv falls asleep still latched to my boob, I can try to text the outside world. But when we play, when those beautiful little faces want me to play, I play. I will never get this time with them back, so I will always play. They won’t always WANT me to join in, so I play. I climb in the cupboard, I skip through Walmart, I go in that hot fort with them and I climb through the playground at McDonalds.  

Look up from your phone world, and run at those kids like your a momma T-Rex. Trust me, the giggles are so worth it. 

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