Last night was the draft. In other words, last night was a true test on my marriage with Sean. Normally, I’d shut that shit down. There are very few things that I simply would rather die than watch. The draft, might just top that list. I will never understand why people actually watch players standing in front of podiums getting a new hat. Couldn’t you just read tomorrow what team got who? We all know we will laugh about the decisions the Browns’ front office makes. Do we really have to watch the mistakes happen live?

 One of the first big fights Sean and I had was about the draft. Evie was only a few months old, and this asshole decided he NEEDED to go to the bar with his friends to watch the draft. I cried. I literally cried and begged him to stay home and help me with Evie. I never saw him; he was always at work and in class. We finally had a night to spend together but no, the draft was on.

Fast forward to the next year, we were newly engaged, and yet again he wants to leave to go to a bar and watch the draft. I can maybe understand how someone would want to watch it once, but people watch this every year?

2015, we are married, Evie is two, and I am pregnant. Lucky for him, I think I was asleep around 7:00 so he snuck off to the bar. However, the next morning, he got an earful because who knows if Evie would have woken up in the middle of the night and he had been gone for some stupid draft.

2016, two kids and pregnant… I bitched about any and everything. He chewed too loud. He smelled too much like soap. He snored. He worked too late. He cleaned wrong. He breathed too often. Then, he wanted to watch the draft. I’m not even going to apologize for the mean things I said, because hello how could you not see it coming.

At last, we reach last night. We now have three children, and he works crazy long hours. My sister stopped over to eat the free hot meal I cooked and soak up all the love and happiness my kids have to offer. She eventually left and returned to her quiet home where she got to climb into her bed and actually sleep. Lucky bitch. Ok- back to the point- Kaitlyn was over visiting and wanted to watch the Indian’s game (another item on the list of preferring death over watching). I decided to concede and let them put the game on. We’ve grown as a couple and I’m letting him win on some things, some times.  Then, he decides on the commercial breaks he’s going to switch over to THE DRAFT.

I was caught off guard. He hadn’t brought up the draft at all this week so I didn’t realize it was on. He didn’t ask to go to a bar. He sat on the couch, held Livie, and watched the draft in our home. I think this is an example of that word compromise so many people recommend to married couples. He stayed home and still helped with the baby, and I decided not to punish him by withholding sex for two weeks.

So see, I’ve shown true growth. We aren’t fighting, and I promised not to be mad about it tomorrow. I sat in the other room and kept myself busy. I tried to hide the intensity of my eye roll when the announcer said “The draft is as much science and it is an art.”



Growth, people, growth.



The draft is still stupid.



Song of the day: The only football movie I like, and its just because of Adam and Nelly. 

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