Within the last week I finally let Sean move Livie out of our bedroom and into her crib. Turns out, she was waking up every couple hour’s at night because of his snoring not because she was hungry. First night in the crib she slept for ten hours straight before I went in and woke her up. Every night since, she has slept over ten hours. It’s driving me nuts that she is sleeping so well on her own. I know that’s crazy, but it’s true. She’s supposed to need me all night. We are cuddle buddies!

Allowing her to go to her own crib also means allowing Sean even more opportunities to jump on me. I look at this step as a much deserved break, a time for rest. He looks at this step as a new challenge to somehow overcome our current birth control method and knock me up again.

Livie, my sweet cuddle buddy- cock block, you abandoned me in the front lines of a grueling battle completely unarmed.  His insatiable needs for all things me now have no hurdles to jump over. The second I finish the last line of the girl’s bedtime story he literally throws them in bed and hurries me along to ours. Now that he has reclaimed our bed, sex has increased exponentially. It has been 5 nights since we’ve moved Liv, and all 5 have been full of his favorite activity.


Evie’s head hadn’t even hit her pillow last night before he was fully stripped down and approaching me.


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Just as soon as he locked the door and started to rub my feet our door handle started to jiggle. In a last attempt to save herself from becoming a big sister AGAIN, she needed another glass of water. Sean quickly handed her my water bottle, allowed maybe a drop to hit her tongue, pulled it away and shoved her back into her room.

We were fortunate this time that we remembered to lock the door. A few times in the past, we may have let that slip in the heat of the moment. One time in particular that I will never forget happened late one night a few months back. All of the lights were out, I was enjoying one of the few times this year that Sean was doing all the work. My head was at the foot of our bed, near the door. Enjoying my time with my husband, I had my eyes closed. No one has been able to explain to me why this happens, but in that moment I just felt like someone other than my husband was staring at me. Sure enough, I open my eyes and see Evie’s sweet little upside down face in the dark.


“Mommy, are you ok?”


Nothing is more mortifying then that moment, right there, with my head at the foot of our bed, getting railed by her dad, and she’s worried if I’m ok.



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I kicked him off of me and rolled off the bed simultaneously wrapping myself in the sheet.

“Of course I’m ok sweetie, back to bed,” I said hurrying her along.

The real difference between men and women can be found in the moment I returned back to our room ready to go to sleep. My dear husband was waiting pateintly, ready to assume duty like nothing had happened at all.

Sorry love, that’s kind of a mood killer.

Like a dog marking its territory,  Sean is just reclaiming our bed as his own. For the last five years our bed has been occupied by either a pregnant me, and all my pregnancy pillows, or a nursing baby. These last five days have been a lot like the early days of our relationship, if those days were super stressful. We fell in love fast and hard, and spent as much time as possible in the bed of his college bedroom. Much like those early days, we are spending our nights enjoying eachother, laughing, talking, and making love.

In the last five years he’s never complained about all these decisions I’ve made for our bed. He doesn’t complain when I switch my side of the bed every other day. He doesn’t complain when I steal the comforter every night. He doesn’t complain when I insist Livie, at 8-months-old isn’t old enough yet for her crib. He doesn’t complain when I let Evie sneak into our bed at night. He doesn’t complain when I go to bed cold and pile on the blankets; and he doesn’t complain when I’m hot at 1:00 a.m. and throw everything off the bed, turn on the fan and open all the windows (in January). I have decided everything about our bed for years with no complaint from him. As much as I miss my night time cuddles with Livie, it’s definitly nice to reconnect with Sean and let him make some of the decisions in our bed again, like it used to be before we started this crazy beautiful family of ours.

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Alright Mirena, don’t fail me now.

Image result for mirena picture

…..eh maybe we should use condoms too?



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