Evie woke up extra early yesterday morning before Sean had left to go to gym. I was still in my room getting ready for the day when I heard the door to her room burst open and fling into the wall. I have come to learn that sound singnifies “I gotta go potty!!!”

Sure enough, I found Evie in the bathroom will all of her night-time friends bundled into her arms; her little feet tip toe jumping around, another sure fire sign that she has to go potty. I helped her set her friends down and undo her jammies just in time.

“Phew, that was a close one,” she said as she dramatically wiped her fake forehead sweat on her arm; a cute thing I take full credit for teaching her to do when she almost has an accident. She sat on the potty smiling back at me with her cute good morning sleepy blue eyes.

Since daddy was till home, her eyes brightened and she hurried herself off the potty to go find him. He hugged her and all of her friends in a giant bear hug.

“Daddy where is your tag?”

Sean and I looked at each other not quite sure what she meant.

“Do you mean Daddy’s name tag” I asked her. “With his picture and the strawberries?”

Evie shook her head up and down. Sean realized she was right to question it since it wasn’t on his belt loop like normal. He started searching in all the usual places, but came up empty handed. We both looked at Evie, who sat in the living room with a somewhat evil grin on her face.

“Evie, do you know where it is?”

She nodded yes.

“Where is it,” I questioned.

“The garbage.”

Sean and I looked at eachother, then he headed over to search through the garbage. No badge.

“Evie, where is it,” Sean asked.

“Um… the fridge.”

We all walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. She grabbed a yogurt. We realized we were being played.

“Evie, where is it,” I questioned again.

“Daddy stay home now,” she said happily walking back to the living room. Sadly, Daddy still had to go to work, and we still don’t know where his badge is. I’m not sure if Evie knows where it is either, but I do know that this little girl misses her Daddy… and wanted some yogurt.

It’s been really hard lately to not show that I’m frustrated with their father. I try to tell them as much as possible that daddy works so hard so we can have all the wonderful things we have, and eat the good meals we do, do the fun things we do. There are days that drag on so long, and as the clock ticks further past when he said he’d be home, I get frustrated. I lose patience. I start wanting everyone to go to bed so I can just be off on my own in my anger. 

Then Evie hides his work badge, just trying to keep him home a little longer. I want to tell Evie how much I want to hide his badge, keys, or shoes in the mornings too. Just keep him a little longer. 
I’m with you Evie, I fully support operation hide the jelly ID badge. However, in front of your father I’ll use words like “late”, “disappointed” “help”… ignore them all. 

 Stay tuned, as the search for the ID badge continues.

Just because it makes me think of your daddy. 

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