I’m super cheap. Especially when it comes to something specifically for me after I had the kids. Makeup is no exception. I go several days sometimes just adding to yesterday’s makeup. It might be equally cheap, equally lazy.

Regardless, I have been using the same brown eyeliner since Millie was born. I maybe apply eyeliner every few days, If that, and I planned to use every last little bit of it before buying another one. Prior to kids I used maybe half of an eyeliner, but once I sharpened it down past the length of a finger I’d buy new one. I kept old makeup bags of half used makeup for years. It wasn’t until I was “nesting” during my pregnancy with Millie that I purged years and years worth of old makeup that was never used.

So we come to today, I woke up and showered, started to get ready. Put on my coverup, my under eye concealer (the magical tool that hides my lack of sleep for the last 5 years), and grabbed my eyeliner. It was a little dull so I decided to sharpen, only to find out that the cheap bastards don’t actually put the eyeliner stuff in the pencil all the way down!

Those bitches!



Evie said “you booful momma”.. so I guess that eyeliner can suck it.

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