Yesterday, I had the perfect day with my family. After being sick all week, my cold destroyed my voice and left me feeling really run-down. To top it off, my husband tried to steal my day with his 29th birthday. Lucky for him, we wanted to spend the day exactly the same way, as a family of five at home enjoying each other.

So that’s what we did. We woke up naturally, without an alarm clock. We enjoyed breakfast (mine was in bed, lucky me!! ). We played with our silly girls, snuggled in our family bed, rested in front of the tv, and swayed in our hammock under the beautiful sunshine. After a long day of playing we brought the girls inside and gave them their baths, brushed their little teeth, read them their favorite books, and tucked them into bed. All in all, it was a perfect day; a perfect mother’s day, and a perfect birthday for my husband.

It had been months, yes months, since Sean and I had spent a whole day at home with our children with no visitors. Our front door mine as well be a revolving door. As one person leaves, another stops by. If no one is here, it’s because we are running all over the place. Example: Saturday I worked from 8-2 cleaning other people’s homes. Sean was at home with the girls, and his dad stopped over for a visit. After my last job I drove directly to my friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party, where Sean and the girls met me. We left directly from that party to go to another party at my cousin’s house to celebrate her awesome year in school. Over an hour past our kid’s bedtime, we left my cousins and drove home where we had to put three cranky kids to bed. Keep in mind, I’m sick, and two of the girls are sick.

I wake up each day with the intention of being a good person. Sean and I both come from broken homes. Meaning, we have twice the family to love, and make time for. I keep three separate calendars, which I update and maintain daily, attempting to make our schedule work for everyone. If someone asks to see the girls, I bend over backwards to fit them in somewhere. I spend nap time hectically scheduling and usually wind up crying to myself about how much I wish we could just spend time as a family and how hard it is to coordinate and maintain so many relationships for my girls. I cry about how much I miss quiet days at home with my husband and my children. This mother’s day, and for Sean’s birthday, we did exactly what we wanted to do. We put our phones to the side (except for pictures of course) left text messages unanswered, and enjoyed each other.

I will remember this day always, and it will help get me through the crazy weeks ahead. This hectic chaotic life has just begun, and it is beautiful in all its craziness. It is so important for me, my husband, our marriage, and our girls to spend days with each other, at our own home; simply enjoying each other. 

Thank you Sean, for giving me a perfect day, and thank you to those who understood that we needed to be a little selfish yesterday.

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