This video has been floating around Facebook, and I finally got around to watching it this morning. I immediately felt such a kinship with the mother. How all of my days seem to be the exact same, with the exact same struggles. I’m going through the motions to get everything that’s “needs” to be done, done.  Motherhood is like the famous ride at Cedar Point, Millennium Force, you crank forward with every click- clack your patience wears thinner; until you ultimately make it to the top and dive down into utter chaos. Finally you come to a harsh stop and are hurried off to the other side where you have to just go on like you didn’t just dive 308′ into a shitty day. 

I wake up each morning with the click… clack… waiting for the first disaster to happen sending me over the hill and down into all of the turns and flips. Motherhood looks so messy to us, and yet to them the chaos is what makes things… magical. Life doesn’t have to be organized and neatly in place for them. Some days I’m not going to get around to teaching Millie her animal noises and colors, and Evie might not do a round of flash cards today. I might spend the day in my pajamas. I may feel like I did nothing productive today, but to my girls we spent the day playing in the pool under the gorgeous sunshine, learning and growing through play. 

I do have to agree, that’s pretty magical. 

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