Sean’s staycation was last week. I think it’s a good thing he took one week and went back to work yesterday. Less than one week would have left me feeling sad still, missing him when he returned to work. More than one week and I would have had to bury him in the back yard and start dating again; and no one likes dating.

I took a step back from writing for a little while he was home for two reasons. One, I wanted to enjoy the time he was home. Two, it was utter chaos and writing would have never happened even if I had tried. I told myself that this vacation I would relax, and go with the flow. Well, turns out the flow is not an easy float around the lazy river, but more like standing in a tsunami waiting for tidal wave after tidal wave to crash into you holding up an umbrella. One week later and I still have my umbrella, but I’ve been worn down quite a bit.

Because we get such limited time with Daddy, we tried to do it all. I wanted him to experience a week in the life of a stay-at-home mom of 3. We went to story times, Evie’s soccer practice, and swim lessons for all three girls, a parade, a park, the pool…. We went everywhere.

My husband is great at helping out when he is asked to, not so much when not prompted. I’ve found that to be true of most men, and research supports that they are “wired different” and don’t see things the same way women/ moms do. Let’s say I believe that, I still have a problem with it. I still need someone assertive who can get shit done, because let’s face it… I end up getting all the shit done by myself because he “didn’t know it needed be done.” ** Insert drastic eye roll**.  I know this information, and I still get mad. Add his unpredictability with how oblivious he is, and it’s kind of like taking a puppy with you to the store. Three kids, a puppy, and me with my umbrella trying to be laid back.

We went to Walmart to pick up a few things; just a few simple things.

Red Flag #1: He pulls the van around to the back of the store. What the hell? Where is he going? I knew I should have driven.

“The van needs an oil change,” Sean explains.

“So you think now, with all three kids is the time to do it?” I questioned.

“Hey, you told me to be assertive.”



The guy says it could be over an hour before they even start working on our van.


Red Flag #2: The disappearing act.

I turn around, and he’s gone.

What is that asshole getting into now. Here puppy puppy puppy. Don’t buy something we don’t need.

He returns with an eye appointment scheduled for two hours later.

I think he’s trying to tell me he wants to live at this Walmart.


“It’s time to go!” I yelled, walking back to the auto department.

Note to self, next time bring a squirt bottle to squirt him when he’s bad. Bad puppy, bad.


He means well, obviously. He really was trying to get stuff done I guess, but did it really all need to happen in that one trip to Walmart?

The week was full of days just like that; tidal wave after tidal wave, and me and my umbrella, smiling. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved Daddy being home and I missed him yesterday on his first day back at work, but I also really love my routines. I really love when my little umbrella is enough to keep me dry in the rain storm. We will save the tidal waves for once a year and instead live in our routine where Daddy goes to work, and mommy gets the shit done at home.

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