Howdy everyone. Just wanted to touch base with you all, I am alive… just exhausted like most moms. This weekend was crazy busy. Scratch that.

The last five years have been crazy busy. 
The blog has taken a seat on the back burner next to last weeks mac and cheese pan that my husband and I are both ignoring. I have so much I’d like to write about and share with you all but life has required my full attention as of late. 

This weekend we had a celebratory breakfast for my not so little cousin who joined the Air National Guard. He’s following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and I’m excited and proud but also shocked that they accept three year olds into the guard. 

Oh wait, he grew up? 19? What? When did that happen? Apparently he can fly planes now, like real ones. We used to play with toy planes and trains but he went ahead and grew up and actually learned how to do it. Shit.

He thinks it’s equally as weird that he blinked and I had a bunch of kids. While at the restaurant one of the girls started to cry, of course. His response:

“Oh so we’re one of those families now”
Yes. Yes we are. 

Immediately after breakfast I had to rush home because a few months ago the less stressed and overwhelmed version of me decided it was a good idea to volunteer as hostess for a friends surprise baby shower. Sometimes I hate less stressed Julie. She does and says things we always regret. 

My husband decided the morning of the party was the perfect day to go fishing. He doesn’t fish. Or at least he hasn’t fished the whole time we’ve been together, but sure today is a great day to pick up that old hobby again. I think he’s genuinely just afraid to be around any more estrogen than he already is, he might just turn into a woman like the rest of us. 

So he leaves and I’m left with my three young kids, an entire menu to plan and a party to host. Lucky for me, I can always convince my sister that she has to help me; or at least beg her and bribe her with alcohol. The latter technique worked and she swooped in to save me and the party. After a few hours of running around and spending way too much money, everything was set. Guests arrived, my oldest daughter Evie was greeting them in her finest princess dress, My youngest hung out in the carrier on my back and Millie middle child slept peacefully in her crib. 

Half way through the party, Millie- monster, woke up in a full on Millie-middlechild-monster rage. I tried for a while to calm her and have her join the party. Nope, she wouldn’t have it. Everyone looked at me with those sad sympathetic eyes that said… been there. 

Eventually I had to send her with my sister back into the house. My heart hurt the rest of the party. I heard her screaming for me and had to go on hosting. I don’t think anyone would have cared if I’d gone inside, but I had to keep the party moving on to cake and presents. By the end of the party she’d calmed down, Evie was high on sugar and my youngest passed out on my back.

The hostess/ mom duo is not one I plan to take on again any time soon.

Oh wait, two of my daughters birthdays are in the next two weeks… guess I’ll have to just take what I’ve learned from this weekend and apply it to those parties too.

More wine.

Supermom out. 

Side note: hosting this for my friend was not something I had to do, but something I’m so happy I did. She is so sweet and so deserving. I was happy to do it, just never again. 

One Reply to “Hostess. ”

  1. I owe you so much wine. Well, beer would be a galatagogue, would you rather have that? It was absolutely THE GREATEST party I have ever had or been to. (Life sized unicorn balloon! Unicorn cake with a marshmallow horn that children SHARED! What?! And my very first sling of my very own.) I could spend the rest of my days apologizing to Millie if it would make her feel better, but she will have moved on to other situations. Oh, and it’s pretty freaking cool that your sister and I have the same name. I owe her alcohol too. 💗💞💗💞🤰👶🦄🎉🎁🎀💗💞💗💞
    *Tribute* Out.

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