I don’t have a whole lot of time to write, for some reason all of my children decided they needed to wake up before the rooster this morning. Today is a perfect example of what I wanted to write about though; this is rough. This year, has been horribly wonderful in every way. My youngest daughter turns one today. In all honesty she was not planned. We had just brought my middle daughter Millie home from the hospital, and in celebration we got knocked up again. Oops. 
A buy one get one sort of deal. 
I was terrified to have another baby before my uterus could even shrink back to normal size, but that test turned positive so we didn’t have much choice. A few days after we celebrated Millie’s first birthday we had Livie. 

It has been horrible. 
It has been wonderful.
Everyday is so full of love, and a lot of diapers. Most days are a blur, but we survived. The kids are happy, and I’ve kept myself mostly sane. 
This birthday is hitting me harder than the others, partially because she is my favorite (she can’t talk back yet) and partially because I now fully understand what happens after this birthday. This sweet baby of mine will now continue to grow, continue to learn. She will start to talk, and walk, and become the little tiny person she’s meant to be. This is my third time watching a little baby I’ve created turn into a person. There is nothing more wonderful than that. It makes all of the horrible, do able; and worth it… so worth it.
I love you sweet Liv Pie 

One of Livs favorites. 

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