Don’t have a whole lot of time but it’s been a while since I’ve said hi to everyone so I’ll leave you with a silly story. 
The other day my husband came home from work to a complete disaster of a house. I tried to cook again and he so nicely tried to eat it. The kids cried and threw it all on the floor. We rushed to get to bed time. Baths, pjs, book. Millie put a set of Minnie Mouse ears on my head and I mustered up the last bit of energy I had to channel Minnie Mouse as I sang them a song and tucked them into bed. 
Exhausted, I crashed into our bed. A few minutes later just before I started to doze off myself, my husband started kissing my neck. Within seconds our clothes were off and we had some unbelievably hot sex. The kind that makes you forget how awful your day was. It makes you forget how tired you are, and how much you hated that man all day for knocking you up so many times. 
Afterwards I got up to get ready for bed and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. There I was, sleepy momma with Minnie Mouse ears still atop my head. 

“Hey, you were rocking them,” my husband explains later. 

Sexy isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes sexy is connecting with your partner after a really long day. Sex after kids is so different it’s hard to explain. But, sometimes sexy is leaving the ears on. 

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