So, about two months ago I thought it was a good idea to take my already insanely busy life, and make it a whole lot busier. I’ve been an independent housekeeper for the past five years. I’ve worked every Friday and mostly every Saturday, cleaning homes around the area for other busy families like my own. I’ve never minded the work, and I’ve always loved the connection I get to make with these other families; more specifically other moms. A few people fell into my lap that wanted to go into the same line of work but had struggled making contact with families searching for a housekeeper. I have been turning away houses over the years because I am still first and foremost a stay at home mom to my three girls. Well, I decided I could try to help them find homes, and grow my own business at the same time. I filed for an LLC and all other necessary steps to becoming a legitimate business. I opened a business account at the bank, ordered business cards and brochures. Not exactly over night, but pretty damn close, the business took off. What was supposed to be a business with a dozen accounts is now close to 40 in less than two months’ time. Sure, being busy is a great problem to have, but a problem nonetheless when you have three small children you are trying to raise while you launch this business.


On one of the busiest days I’d had yet I found myself full on ugly crying in someone else’s bathroom.  They weren’t home, so it wasn’t weird for them or anything, just me. I received a picture message from our babysitter and I just lost it. I never wanted to be away from my kids as much as I had been. It had been a couple weeks since I had even had a Sunday off to spend the day with them. I had become this blur, a quick hello in the morning and a hurried hug at night before bed. I told myself time and time again that this was all temporary, and it is. I’ve designed the company to only need me hands on for the first few visits, then the account will be managed by one of the other trained cleaners.

I’ve done what I can to be as much of a stay at home mom and as possible while also being a working-new business launchy-mom too. It doesn’t sound possible, because it’s not. Something always has to give. Someone is left disappointed, and if you’ve ever launched a business you’ll know the last person you want to leave disappointed is your customer, so alas, mommy duty takes the back burner. When I can I take Evie with me to work and she plays with the cats and kids of the families I work for. I always love when she comes, but I’m starting to feel a little guilty that only she gets to come with me and not her much more difficult baby sisters.

I bought my husband this new fancy- hybrid smart watch because I’ve been a mega-bitch to him. It’s safe to say I’m his sugar-momma now. Whenever I’m feeling extra mean I slip him a $20 and he buys himself something pretty… or our 5th takeout dinner meal for the week; same thing. I bought my kids a guinea pig. Yup, Gary the guinea pig… I buy distractions when I feel guilty; but who doesn’t? 

Then yesterday happened. It was Monday, and for the last five Monday’s I had spent the morning rushing around, confirming babysitters and making lists for the kids schedules (just so I could at least feel like I somewhat contributed to their parenting that day). But yesterday, I woke up, and had my old normal awful Monday morning routine. I drank cold coffee, and stayed in my pj’s well past the appropriate hour. The girls ate breakfast on the floor of the living room and we watched too much TV. It was amazing. I hugged them too much, and annoyed them with all of my eager attentiveness. Oh how I missed annoying them. I went through the whole day just like it was before. We took Evie to her Sporties for Shorties Class; where I took way too many pictures and videos and cheered way too loud for my four year old athlete. We skipped, literally skipped back to our van after class where I gleefully buckled their hysterically cyring asses into their seats. I drove them home where I actually prepared them lunch, MYSELF. No thank you Taco Bell, you can keep those cheesy roll up’s for someone else today!  Only fine dining for my kids, I said to myself as I pulled out the piping hot chicken nuggets from the microwave. We all sat down and ate together, and then I put Millie and Livie down for their naps. I played a game with Evie on the “Big Phone” (I-pad), and she happily watched a show while I folded the EIGHT loads of laundry I had done throughout the day. The girls woke up from naps in a good mood, and we went to the library. I signed Evie up for the 1,000 books before Kindergarten Challenge, and we read 6 books together while her sisters played nicely in front of us.


The day was magical. I still got sneezed on, peed on, folded enough laundry for a village, burnt my finger on a piping hot chicken nugget, and changed 13 diapers; but it was fucking magical. To top it all off- somewhere else, happening independent of me, I had an employee working for me, earning an extra income for me and my family. I can feel good about the fact that I pay her VERY WELL, and I earn practically nothing after the cost of supplies, but damnit I launched a business and in less than two months I’m earning money off of that business while I’m at home raising my children like I should be.

I definitely still have many many crazy days ahead of me. I will probably cry a few more times in someone else’s bathroom. I will miss my kids and miss my husband and miss myself; but I have a lot to be proud of. I’ve managed to juggle enough things around to still make it to Evie’s first field trip, hear Millie talk in full sentences for the first time, watch Livie take her first steps (and many many more since), and appease my husband by braving a Brown’s Football game. I’ll do my best to write more, not just for you guys but for my sanity.



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