The calm that comes before every storm is always eery and quiet. The clouds roll in and everything falls dark. The girls have all settled into the morning. Considering how the day started, everything was going ok. With yoga cancelled, I decided to sign Evie up for a random class at 10:00am, anything to get out of the house. Her class was adorable as usual, and her younger sisters did well in the daycare. I chugged a Mountain Dew and thought that the week without Daddy’s help might go ok. 

Lunch was our usual sandwiches and goldfish, the essential fish in every child’s diet. Nap time begins and I snuggle with Evie while she plays on the tablet. 

Millie wakes up from her nap fussy, just like the first few drops of rain. I comfort her the best I can and change her diaper. I notice her pulling at her ear and see a rash of red dots and splotches doing down her neck. She’s had an irritation behind her ear that I’ve been trying to treat for a week or so now, but it never looked like this. I called the doctor to see if he had any openings and sure enough at 2:50 I could run her in. 

I planned for a quick 15 minute check… look at the rash give me a cream and get me back home. I packed for a 15 minute check. 

Two hours and fifteen minutes later the doctor walks in. The thunder, lightening, and hail had worn me down.

I was sweating, not like oh it’s warm in here, but like hey did you fall in a pool, sweating. 
There had been so much crying, countless attempts to BASE jump off of the hospital bed, crying, nursing, napping, eating crumbs from the bottom of my purse… the doctor walked in and acted as if she was five minutes behind. But after the last couple hours I had no energy to even comment about the wait. I showed her Millie’s ear and in five minutes she determined it was a skin infection that she’d irritated from scratching and sweating that she needed a cream and an oral antibiotic. 

Great, get me out of here. Docs last comment- oh it’s contagious too, try not to let her touch too much. 

Oh! Ok! You know that’s definitely something you can do with a two year old. 

Oh sweetie, you can’t touch anything until your antibiotics kick in. 
Ok mom, no problem. 

We emerged from the doctors office like Tom Hanks in Castaway… alive, but not all there and talking to inanimate objects. 

I should have predicted this. Surely if I had looked at the forecast it would have told me, as soon as Dad leaves there will of course be an illness shit storm! How naive to think I’d have clear sky’s and sunshine.
Then quite literally- it started to storm. When we first arrived at the doctors it was chilly, but long sleeve shirt chilly. Now it was freezing rain, and at least 15 degrees colder. The girls all cried and clung to my leg. Millie screamed and clutched her face…

It’s not the Arctic.. suck it up bitches. 

But they did not. All at once they collapsed onto the side walk.  I thought… only for a second…. that a doctors office might qualify as one of those “safe havens”. No questions asked I could just leave them here right? Does it matter that they’re not newborns and I am more than capable of taking care of them? Are there rules about just temporarily using a safe haven? 

Like hey I will just be down the street at Dunkin grabbing some coffee, I’ll be back. 

I’d rather not be on TV today looking like a hot mess, so as only a mother can , I bent down, bear hugged all three and ran to the van. 
I fall into our couch once the kids finally stay in bed for the night. I debate finding a drug dealer and trying drugs for the first time, drinking a bottle of wine, or eating a tub of ice cream. I settle on drinking a bottle of sparkling cranberry juice.. crazy right? But the only thing that would’ve made today worse, a hangover. Can’t risk it, I’ll settle for a sugar crash.

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