Halloween, a day to celebrate one of the essential food groups in my diet…. candy. This year, Dad was out of town and I  was left to try and mange three kids under five trick-or-treating. Some might say we could skip it, but those people are weak. They underestimate how much candy I consume. I call in reinforcements… “the aunts”… two key players in my village. 

The idea of a village is ancient, families have supported each other, helped one another survive this crazy thing we all do to ourselves – procreation. The way society is now, there is a whole lot less village and a whole lot more “mom shame” aka judgy bitches and silent suffering for moms. It seems like people are afraid of what others might think if they just admit that this is hard. What would people say if I admit that sometimes parenting sucks, and sometimes my kids suck. 

Like, I know someone out there read my above statements and went all “oh candy is so bad for you and your teeth” blah blah blah. Well, murder is bad too; so let me eat my damn Nerds, ok? Thanks. 

It’s so easy to constantly judge yourself, and to walk into judgement from those around you. Instead of lending a hand to someone at the grocery store, people in 2017 will burn my soul with their glare in the cereal aisle. 

My bad yo, here’s you’re Fruity Pebbles.. sorry it took you 30 seconds longer than it should have. 

The girls and I were sad that Dad wasn’t home but I tried not to focus on my  psycho  jealous side while my husbands down in New Orleans for Halloween. My sisters arrive and we get the girls ready to head out and hit the streets for the good stuff. 
Halloween really is an ingenious holiday. Some parent out there said, I’m gonna finally put you to work. Time to work for me for a change Little one.

Overall it really went great. My sisters and I managed to keep all three of them from getting hit by cars, or losing them in the dark. They filled their buckets and I filled my camera roll. 

It hit me hard after my sisters left to go home, just how fortunate I am to have my village. A place to go with no judgement, no criticism… just support. These people lift me up just enough that the critics can’t reach me. I hear and even read the mean comments from others, but I’m so high up (maybe also high on sugar) that the comments don’t hurt as much. The way I’m doing all of this may be very different then the way you are; but that doesn’t make either of us right. 

After several books, several songs, and several kisses the Cheetah, shark and flamingo are safely snuggled into their beds. 

9:28 I’m going to bed… a small victory as I sprawl out across the entire king size bed covered in candy. The night was a success. The kids are surely exhausted and down for the night.

9:32 never celebrate. Now covered in a four year old.

10:25 add a two year old 

10:56 add a one year old.

11:00 cry a little. Only a little you don’t want to wake up the monsters.. I mean kids.  Eat candy instead of cry. Hold onto the sappy emotions you felt earlier about being fortunate and having a village. But where is that village now? …. they’re sleeping soundly at home. Bitches. 

3 Replies to “The Village: day 2 ”

  1. hilarious! my kids are grown and 2 out of three suck right now. js. Thanks for allowing me to be real! I was one of those who had to do it all by herself! Killing myself as I went. Today I have 2 ungrateful wenches and one soldier I am very proud of. 🙂


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