F3DB59F5-D788-42E5-AC92-6310903F4ADFI am a young mom of three. Everyday, I take in the world around me. I breathe in my children, family, strangers, books, and music. Each morning, I exhale when I write. In my busy life juggling being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend I have become increasingly overwhelmed and stressed. This is my forum of venting. I am going to tell you my story how it truly is. Sometimes I can have a potty-mouth, and sometimes I might overshare. My hope is that each morning in my coffee confession, someone else can breathe a sigh of relief, none of us are truly alone.


My husband Sean and I married have been married since September 2014. We met in college and fell pregnant with our daughter Evie after just a few months of dating. With everything against us, we have managed to build a home, family, and marriage full of life and love. He is more than anything I could have imagined my husaband to be.




Evie Mae, made me a momma! She is now 4 years old


Millie JeanĀ is 19-months old.


Livie Louise is 7-months-old.

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